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Best Prompting


Best Prompting offers a variety of solutions for any teleprompting need. 
Reach out to find the solution to make your shoot or event seemless.
With cutting edge equipment and professional operators you can rest assured your script will be delivered smoothly.

17" Telescript Teleprompter

17" Telescript

This is an industry standard teleprompter for shooting a speaker looking directly to camera lenses. 

The 17" can be mounted to the camera for use on dolly's, sliders or on sticks.  We can also put this unit on a stand for static shooting or on wheels for when a prompter needs to quickly fly in and out.

 This unit is also great for interrotron set ups.

Stage Monitors

These 19" Monitors are great for stage performers or presenters to be able to read while walking the stage.

They are versatile and can be placed in a cradle or on a stand for optimal eyelines. 

*Other sizes are also available.


Steadicam Teleprompter

This ultra light-weight rig is great for when a prompter is needed on a steadicam set-up, jibs, light gliders

or just simple camera rod mounting.

Weighing in at 4.2 lbs featuring a 10" high-bright monitor powered off the camera's D-Tap

and a wireless signal connection.


Developed by legend Erol Morris the interrotron helps creators achieve natural interview interactions directly to camera. The prompter shows the face of the director to the talent rather than script and the director has a view of the talent. This enables a natural eye to eye interview conversation.


Remote Interrotron

Utilizing video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, etc we can create face to face interview results direct to camera lens from anywhere in the world.

In this set up we are sending the main camera feed to the interviewer over zoom and presenting their remote image to the talent on location.  

Jib Prompter

We offer a variety of solutions for prompting on jibs.  Whether you require a prompter readable from long distance or something small and light weight, or a prompter mounted above the lens we can make it happen. 


Robotic Presidential Telepromters

Robotic Presidentials are the sexiest new prompting innovations offering live speakers the ability to keep the appearance of engagement and eye contact with their audience.  The robotic presidential offers remote controlled adjustable heights so you can adjust for taller and shorter speakers comfort and ease of reading.


7" Piano Prompter

This 7" is a great option for pianos, podiums,

above the lens on an israeli arm,

an over-the-shoulder eyeline and more.

Light-weight with D-Tap to camera battery,  battery power or hard line power options.  It can take SDI or HDMI signals and has wireless kit compatibility.

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